a . How can you set up an account?

You can setup an account with us by registering online. It usually takes ten minutes to register for an account. The account is normally approved in 24 hours after which you can make all purchases via credit card as soon as you're approved.

For new accounts, the first order must be paid in advance. All future orders can be made online or using a Purchase Order (PO) with payment terms of 30 days net.

b. What is your Return Policy?

If the product does not conform to the specifications promised, ACC Corporation will replace the item at no cost to you if you can provide adequate documentation to support your claim. If the replacement still does not conform to the specifications promised ACC Corporation will refund you the complete cost of the material.

For any order cancellations without adequate documentation and cause there is a 30% restocking fee.

c. What is the accuracy of the weight of the compounds bought?

The quantity of compound supplied in our vials is not weighed to the accuracy required for direct solution preparation unless specifically stated on the product datasheet. It is the responsibility of the individual researcher to accurately reweigh the compound in order to obtain solutions of defined concentration.


a. What type of custom synthesis projects does ACC Corporation specialize in?

ACC Corporation provides custom synthesis of both compounds and biologics as per the clients specifications.
For compounds, we can provide custom synthesis of products from the 100mg to the 10kg range. Typical compounds on this scale are between 5 and 10 linear steps to make and of varying complexity. With each custom synthesis project we typically provide COA, 1HNMR, HPLC, MS and MSDS. We can even provide 13CNMR and CHN analysis if requested. We normally provide these products with >95% purity. Should the client ask for a higher purity limit we can certainly do so.
For biologics we typically provide custom synthesis from a couple of milligrams to the gram level. Products are characterized by UV and gels. Additional characterization can be provided if requested.

b. What types of reactions can you outsource?

We can work with both run of the mill and highly sophisticated chemistries. Here are some of the types of reactions that we can handle.
If you have a hit and need scale up or optimization of the hit around the scaffold we are certainly up to the challenge. If you have an interesting scaffold or core and need additional points of diversity that need to be fleshed out to provide an understanding of the structure activity relationships (SAR) we can do that for you.
We can even make additional cores with multiple points of diversity around your lead hit in a particular series.

c. What specifications do you need to provide to ACC Corporation for the synthesis of your custom molecule?

Typically all that is needed is a structure amount and purity of the molecule under consideration. If you have any additional data such as synthesis methods or references we would welcome it. We have extensive IT infrastructure to get the required information for our needs. We have access to

  • MDL/ISIS Base
  • MDL Discovery Gate
  • SciFinder
  • Get Patent
  • ACS and other online journals

to get data to ensure that your project is a success.

d. How does ACC Corporation ensure adherence to your specifications?

On initiation of the project we provide weekly and quarterly reports to ensure that the client is involved in every step of the way and knows what's going on. On successful completion of a synthesis ACC Corporation will provide the client with all the data (HNMR, HPLC and MS) for the product of interest. Clients will review and approve the product. On approval the product will be shipped to the client.
If the product is not up to the client's specifications they can reject the data. ACC will then provide then repurify (or remake if necessary) the products so that they match the client's expectations.

e. What is the expected purity of the products?

They are typically >95% unless specified before the initiation of the project.

f. What does ACC Corporation do to ensure confidentiality for your requests?

Information is only disclosed to employees atAmerican Custom Chemicals Corporationbound by confidentiality agreements on a need-to-know basis to enable the individual to perform their duties. Any information you give to us will be held with care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to. Information is only used for the purpose for which it was disclosed. Confidentiality agreement is available upon request.

g. Is it really cheaper to buy or outsource?

The normal cost for making a product in-house has been estimated at $1500 -$2000 per person per day. For example if the product that you want to make is a compound that is 3-5 steps and you need about 100mg the cost of making the material could easily be 5 figures. It would be 2-3 times cheaper to buy or get it synthesized for you.

h. How does the process for ordering a custom compound work?

You can email us a price inquiry with the name of the product, CAS number, structure and amount required. We will email or fax you back the delivery time and price quote for this product within 24 hours. The product will come with COA, 1HNMR, HPLC, MS and MSDS. If the quote is acceptable to you, you may fax or email us a PO. We will confirm the order via email and proceed with the synthesis.

i. What is the lead time for custom synthesized products?

The lead time for delivery for a custom synthesis of a product depends on availability of starting materials, the amount of product required, the number of steps required to make the product and the purity required. On an average it can take between 3-8 weeks for a custom synthesis.

j. What is the minimum amount you can order?

The minimum amount for a custom synthesis order is 100mg. We are flexible on this minimum quantity for our regular customers.