Contract Services

Custom Synthesis of Reference Standards, Screening Compounds, APIs Metabolites,Discovery Research, FTE, Formulations

Custom Synthesis
Custom Synthesis is the primary focus of American Custom Chemicals Corporation. With extensive experience in the synthesis of more than 3,000 novel compounds that represent all range of structures, our teams can synthesize any challenging target on a scale ranging from 1g to 1kg for a reasonable price with on time delivery. Our areas of expertise in synthesis include:
  • Medicinal chemistry scaffolds with 2-3 points of diversity
  • Reference standards
  • Scale up chemistry
  • Unusual or esoteric compounds
We are involved in the following types of custom synthesis projects:
  • Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Reference Standards
    • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's)
    • Drugs
    • Parent Compounds
    • Metabolites
    • Impurities
    • Degradation Products
    • Polymorphs
  • Synthesis of Internal Standards
    • Synthesis of Radiolabeled compounds
      • Tritium
      • Carbon-13
      • Carbon-14
      • Sulpher-35
      • Oligonucleotide Custom Synthesis with Tritium, Carbon-14 or Sulpher-35
      • Non-Labeled Compounds
    • Custom Designed Analogs

All of the above syntheses include performing the labeling procedure and/or synthesis and purification by paper, thin layer, or high performance liquid chromatography. All product details (purity, specific activity/total activity) are available as product documentation on purchase of the product.

  • Custom Synthesis
    • Starting Materials
    • Intermediates
    • Derivatives
    • Analogs
    • Resolution of Enantiomers
    • Chiral Compounds
    • Natural Products Semi-Synthesis
    • Scaffolds (natural products or synthetic)
ACC Corporation provides custom manufacture services from 1g to 1kg. We guarantee the best price, highest quality and fast delivery.
ACC offers formulations for a wide variety of products including analgesics, antipyretics, antihelmentics, anti-alcohol, antacids, anti-tuberculosis, vitamin preparations and the Beta-lactam products. All formulations are supplied as per client specifications on quantity and packing.
Our products come in forms varying from timed release capsules, tablets, inhalers, dry syrups, dispersible, syrups and suspensions to ointments, gels, injectibles, infusions, sterile preparations and large and small volume parenterals.
Through our partner companies we can also provide manufacturing services for: 
  • Formulation optimization for manufacturing of drug product
  • Clinical trial materials manufacturing for Phase I and Phase II
  • Release testing
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Formal stability studies according to ICH guidelines
Contract Discovery Research
ACC Corporation and its subsidiaries offer FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) scientists (Ph.D., MS, BS-level chemists) to our customers to conduct bioactive molecule synthesis, scale up and process Research and Development.
Scientists in our facilities are able to help in several areas that include:
  • Lead generation and optimization
  • Design and synthesis of analogs to support structure-activity relationship studies
  • Rapid synthesis of focused libraries
  • Synthesis of reference compounds and metabolites
  • Preparation of scaffolds and building blocks

The ACC Corporation Medicinal Chemistry teams operate in modern and well equipped facilities designed for synthesis, analysis, and purification activities. Supported by a secure IT infrastructure, our scientists have online access to chemical literature to facilitate rapid conversion of ideas to experiments. 

Lead Optimization
If you have lead compounds and would like to speed up the lead optimization process, our broad chemistry experience enables us to generate desirable candidates in a short period of time through single compound synthesis or parallel synthesis. The benefits of this arrangement include scalability of research needs as well as significant savings in cost and time.
Process Research & Development

Comprised of highly educated, skilled chemists and chemical engineers, our research teams can effectively carry out process discovery, optimization and scale-up for new products or key intermediates, productions processes, investigations of reaction mechanisms and characterization of impurities.
Our dedicated Process Chemistry team works closely with the Medicinal Chemistry group to provide a seamless transfer of a project along the drug development pipeline.

Our Process Chemistry group has the ability to provide:
  • Support for later-stage Medicinal Chemistry synthesis
  • Process R&D
  • Non-cGMP and cGMP synthesis for pre-clinical and early clinical activities
  • NCEs and APIs for research and development
In the above we can specifically help with the following:
  • Process development and Process optimization
  • Route scouting
  • Preparation of key intermediates
  • Synthesis of standards for reference
  • Impurity profiling and structure elucidation
  • Lab assurance batches
Confidentiality is guaranteed on all projects.