About ACC Corporation

Procurement and synthesis of fine Chemicals, Biologics, Nanomaterials, Radiolabeled, Alternative Energy Materials

To provide a unified platform for the procurement and synthesis of fine chemicals, biologics and nanomaterials to support research and innovation in life sciences.

What ACCC Does:

With the globalization of research and technology in the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, it is imperative for companies to adopt cost effective resource management methods in research and manufacturing in order to remain competitive. Ready availability of or access to reliable custom synthesis of intermediates, research libraries, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and scaffold as well as FTE program are key to optimization of research time and effort.American Custom Chemicals Corporation(ACC Corporation) has one of the largest API libraries available online. We also provide impurities, reference standards - biological and chemical, antibodies, anti-viral, synthetic peptides as well as a wide range of biologics, chemicals and pesticides. Our motto is very simple – we provide you with all the research intermediates and products (chemicals, biologicals, formulations or even nanomaterials) so you can keep your core focus on your research program. 

Our areas of expertise in synthesis include orthogonally protected diamines, novel amines, multi-functionalized heterocycles, chiral synthesis & resolutions, enzymatic resolutions, unnatural alpha and beta amino acids, novel acids, ketones, boronic acids and more.

Our catalog reaches about 350,000 scientists and procurement departments every month. Customers have the option of direct purchase of regular products as well as custom synthesis of novel compounds.

We help provide our clients with the materials and information necessary to forge ahead in today's world. Our highly skilled and motivated staff provides our clients with custom materials, allowing better use of resources and increased productivity. Products are readily available from our overseas suppliers and can be quickly shipped to your location. Visit our products page and browse / search our products listings.


We synthesize and procure APIs and custom fine chemicals from around the globe and sell them in the United States and Europe.